For businesses looking to expand their IT presence without the space and time to house and maintain their own servers, colocation provides an all-around solution. With colo, you get all the benefits of a strong and reliable IT presence without needing the space, environment, or time to maintain it.

With Hamilton colocation services provided by Stable Networks, you can control your server, configuration, hardware, software, and technical specs. We completely handle the temperature, power, redundancy, and security. It’s simple!

Via our global partnerships, we can service most locations around the world from our data centre in Hamilton. For years, we’ve hosted clients reliably and securely from right here in Hamilton. We can support projects of various sizes, from small business to enterprise, with redundancy and backup measures. In the event of a power outage, you can be sure that your data will still be up and running because the measures we have in place for you.

Benefits of Hamilton Colocation for Your Business

Colocation is the perfect answer for businesses without the space in their office to have their own server room or who don’t want to have a permanent IT staff on hire, but still require resources from their own servers or data centre. By using our colocation in Hamilton, you can save on the cost of setting up your own and hiring staff to maintain a data centre.

Scalability is a huge benefit of colocation. As your business’ needs change, you can upgrade your bandwidth or modify your power requirements in as little as a few minutes with built in redundancies. If you tried to do the same thing in your own office, this same task can often take months to complete.

Because you can utilize your own servers, you’re in complete control over them. The hardware, software, upgrades, configuration – you fully customize everything yourself. You don’t have to wait for your provider to do it for you.

Should you require ongoing assistance with your configuration and upgrades, we can help with that as well. We provide Managed Services in Hamilton and the surrounding area to small, medium, and large businesses with affordable rates and flexible hours. We can work with you to realize your goals!


Hamilton Data Centre Features and Specifications

Get the most reliable specs for your colocation servers in Hamilton. Our Hamilton colo centre features:
  • Redundant power grids and redundant continuous duty generators
  • Smart Hands and Feet on Premises
  • Dry Pipe, 2-stage pre-action Fire Suppression
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Access Card Systems
  • Uninterrupted Power Systems
  • Onsite engineering staff
  • Redundant Cooling

Looking for Other Locations?

We also offer colocation in Ancaster, Toronto, and Montreal. Learn more here!

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